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Tutor Profile

Segun Akande is Hartfield Limited’s technical partner for its Sales Training Programmes. He plans, coordinates, and delivers the company’s training courses. With his inimitable style of teaching as well as his enthusiasm and passion for passing on sales knowledge, Segun possesses in abundance the ability and charisma to inspire and motivate sales trainees to exceed their own performance expectations.

His extensive experience in diverse business fields including Financial Services, Recruitment, Business Research, Training and Sales also ensures that Segun speaks several business languages and is able to relate to a broad range of trainees.

Segun is the Managing Director of SBA Research, a position he assumed in 2006 after acting as the company’s Sales Director spearheading SBA’s data sales in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, the United States and South Africa.

His association with Hartfield is continually helping the company to achieve its vision of delivering first-class Sales Training programmes to corporations in Nigeria.


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