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Training Programme

Our Effective Sales” training programme is combination of seminars, case studies, and group workshops aimed at giving delegates a solid grounding in the basic, intermediate and advanced aspects of Sales. Modules covered in a typical programme include:

Perception & Sales Psychology

Recognising one’s own importance and knowing how to influence prospects’ perception. Understanding the difference between a Sales Person and a “Marketer” and learning how to develop Self-Worth.

Telesales/Cold Calling

Preparing for a cold call, understanding the Rules of Engagement, handling difficult prospects, and getting past “gatekeepers”.

Communication Skills

The exploration of effective communication, its importance, the various modes of communication, and the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Negotiation Skills

Understanding the art of negotiations, the “Golden Rules” of Successful Negotiations and navigating "win-win" situations.


Appreciating the power of research and knowledge in every sales situation, and learning to build up product/service knowledge.


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