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Bespoke Sales Training

Hartfield’s Bespoke Sales Training service is directed towards organisations in need of product/service-specific training for their field sales staff.

Many companies are becoming aware of the value of sales training for their staff especially when a new product or service is being brought to market. It is not unusual for a company to launch an excellent product or service which thanks to an ill-equipped and unmotivated sales force, falls short of the company’s high expectations in revenue terms.

What we are offering is a service which involves working closely with you the client to identify how best to achieve your targets and objectives for your new product/service especially in terms of training and developing sales staff to sell effectively.

The Process

1. We meet with you to discuss your new product/service and its position within your current product/service mix.

2. We ascertain your sales staff requirements and formulate a training programme specifically for the sales force designated to your new product/service.

3. We recruit and train additional sales staff for you if necessary.

Benefits to You

1. The knowledge that your sales force is well-equipped to sell your new product/service.

2. The confidence that your sales people are motivated to sell.

3. Your bottom line is expanded as a result of a high-performing sales force.



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