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Personal Career Appraisals

How often have you found yourself wondering if your career is heading in the right direction?

Our Personal Career Appraisal is designed to help you evaluate your current role, your personal expectations and how far (or close) you are to your personal career goals.

Our approach is not based on any scientific gimmicks. Instead, we take a much more human approach in appraising your career. We understand that many times, professionals of all levels just want a Human Resources person to talk to, vent their frustrations to, and get an insight into what factors are positively and negatively impacting their career.

We believe that in this manner, we are able to truly fulfil the “human” aspect of Human Resources, thereby helping candidates to channel their energies into the right aspects of their jobs ultimately improving their career prospects.

Our appraisal service is devised ultimately to achieve a win-win situation for our candidates and their employers.


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