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CV Advice

Why is a good CV important?

We believe in the power of first impressions! Your CV gives an employer the first impression of you before they have even met you. Bearing this in mind, your CV must be given a high level of care and attention in order to convince the client that you are as “conscientious” as you may have stated in your CV.

Statistically, from every ten CV’s we receive either directly from candidates or through referrals, only 40% of these make it through our screening process. Out of this 40% (or 4 out of 10), we only go on to take the TWO strongest candidates to be presented    to clients for interviews.

For the few candidates we do go on to register on our books, we assist them in the creation of a “Hartfield CV” which without any embellishments highlights the most important aspects of the candidate’s work experience. It is this version that is presented to clients. Our job is to bring out the best parts of your CV and outline     these in a way that is quick and easy for the client to read.

Whilst our Hartfield CV is no guarantee of an interview, it certainly gives our candidates a much brighter chance of being interviewed by our clients.


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